You snooze, you loose
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im in one of those ‘cuddle up with someone and watch a lame movie while i kiss their neck and casually take off their pants’ mood

You’re always in that mood

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Sometimes I wonder whether I have any real intelligence or if I just have enough random bits of surface knowledge to bullshit my way through most things.

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IM LAUGJING SO HARD the picture looks so sleek and professional with the lighting but ITS A SPOOKY DOG
"Saturdays are for adventure; Sundays are for cuddling"
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if you’re reading this that means you’re following me congratulations on doing one right thing in your life

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"Life is too short for shitty sex and bad relationships. So go find someone who fucks you right and treats you how you deserve to be treated."

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Honestly this will always be my #1 favorite quote to life

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